Development and implementation of interdisciplinary courses
Last fall STAK received crucial funds from VIA University College which provided us with the opportunity to start working on our vision of developing a interdisciplinary course for all students across Aarhus' many different higher educational institutions. The goal is to merge STAKS successful experiences with working project-oriented across different professions, educations and institutions into a praxis-oriented educational course-format.

During the winter of 2018 STAK, in an effort to develop the course to it's best possible form, held a test-workshop called PÅ TVÆRS. PÅ TVÆRS functioned as an introductory test of STAKS overall vision for the final course format and furthermore of the possibilities in relation to the interdisciplinary collaboration between students of all higher-education institutions. 17 students from 11 completely different educational institutions in Aarhus joined the workshop which ran over 4 sessions. PÅ TVÆRS gave the students a chance to work with idea- and project-development in relation to the workshops overall frameset which favoured the diverse disciplines of innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinarity.
The test-workshop received high praise from the participating students who, amongst other things, mentioned that the workshop had made them "[...] better equipped to think outside the box" and given them "the encourage and power to start projects on their own".
To further enhance the educational success of the workshop-format, it is now STAKs vision to bring the workshop-experiences to life as an elective course available to all the Aarhus-students. This will be done in part by building a sturdier implementation of the course in the educational system as a whole. Ideally STAK would like to see the format brought to live as an elective course on all Aarhus major higher education institutions. The course should be in an open structural format which allows ALL students, no matter their educational belonging, the opportunity to try out interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurial practise.

The first workbook from the development can be found here: (SÆT-I-VÆRK, modul i tværfaglig innovationsproces)

STAK is now in close collaboration with VIA University College making an effort to develop the course format further and perfect its structures. The final ambition is that the course, besides being an elective course-option, should also become implemented as a Summer-School course for students at all higher-educational faculties.