Summer School 2019
In august 2019 STAK had the honor of facilitating a 5 ECTS-point summer school on VIA Aarhus titled Deep Dive Into Entrepreneurship. With 16 students from across the world we explored many facets of entrepreneurship with active citizenship as a creative obstruction.

The main goal of this course was to focus on innovation-processes and to challenge the students to think outside the box. In order to encourage this outside-the-box thinking, STAK temporarily moved the course down to the south harbor in Fronløbernes Blackbox. The students were split into interdisciplinary groups in the hopes that they would find strength in each others differences - both academically and personally. Through a series of challenging idégenerating-processes combined with an inspiring workshop facilitated by Handlemod the students developed concepts, events and apps, which all contributed to the creation of communities in unique ways.

Friday the 16th of august the summer school came to an end and the students pitched their ideas to teachers and creative entrepreneurs from Aarhus.