Exploratorium for
creativity, innovation and knowledge
At STAK we are working very hard to ensure that the city's students have the opportunities to implement their innovative ideas. In order to do so, we have entered in a partnership with Frontløberne about a project in their local area - better known as Blackbox, in Sydhavnen. Together, we will create a space for creativity, innovation and knowledge, where aarhusian students can collaborate with other students and the creative industries.

The room will act as a framework where students can develop ideas, network, experiment, create and take their first steps into an innovative environment. We want the room to be an exploratorium for creativity that develops student talents on the basis of interdisciplinary and creative interaction. We will create the basis for students to further develop and handle their skills outside the institutional walls.

The project will furthermore add to the foundation of Aarhus and the region as being an attractive spot for students and the creative industries. The exploratorium will be placed in a stable house-setting, where there will be plenty of opportunity to meet up, work on and develop projects. In addition, the house will also be the home of regular workshops, activities and presentations. All in the spirit of building lasting and constructive bonds between students and the creative industries.