Allinge, bornholm
STAK at Folkemødet 2017
The People's Political Festival on Bornholm is a yearly reminder that the open Danish democracy is something that shall be appreciated and taking care of. Political parties, organizations, companies and private organizers arrange debates, speeches, workshops, seminars and other events that help strengthen dialogue and democracy in Denmark.
STAK had the opportunity, in cooperation with the Danish University Colleges, to arrange an event under the palm trees of their event tent Strandbaren.

For our event, we had invited a number of politicians, media people, unionists and rectors. Our event consisted of STAK game STAKåndet - a game, which aimed to make the participants experience the education-structural confusion and insecurity that students in today's Denmark experience on a daily basis. Participants would be pressured, confused and partially annoyed by sudden incoming game-rules changes to emphasize the point that, as students, there must be room and time for creativity and immersion in educational tasks and subjects.

We wanted to create an event that allowed participants to reflect on what it is like to be students and hopefully contribute to a continued debate about the Danish educational system.

In addition to contributing with our own event, STAK was also responsible for recording a video, which was used as promotional footage for Strandbaren. We furthermore interviewed, amongst other, Mia Lyhne and Søren Pind about their participation in The People's Political Festival and their experiences of Strandbaren.

The People's Political Festival is in our optic one of Denmark's best events, and we highly recommend you to take a trip to "The Rock Island" for the 2018 People's Meeting – we hope to see you there!
One of our participants, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, said in an interview after the game:

What did you get out of the game?

"I heard the students' points quite clearly, and I think they are right. It's not because I feel sorry for the students, which they even told us themselves that we shouldn't be. But we have to listen to the signal that there must be room for creativity and immersion. The educational culture may have been somewhat uneven and uniform, and I also take responsibility for pushing on. But that is also something we have done in order to take care of the educational sector, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen, adding that it is time to break with that culture.

"We must now make room for creative, critical thinking and the opportunity to do things in a slightly different way. The educational reforms have probably reached the goals it aimed for, and we have to provide room for leave, entrepreneurs and research years. Because it is important that the students get the break that is needed in some cases in order for them to complete their study, she says.

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