STAK X DCLivingLab
It was with great pride and joy that we here at STAK were able to announce our involvement in Districts of Creativity's exciting new project LivingLab. DCLivingLab was a masterclass on innovative and sustainable city development which took place right in the heart of Aarhus from the 30th of October 2017 till the 3rd of November 2017. In little less than a week over 50 both Danish and international students brainstormed viable solutions for the cities of tomorrow. The focus was on how to create a future city structure that embraces both the coming generations and the business sector, but also takes into consideration nonhuman actors such as mother nature.

It was in this context that STAK functioned as ambassadors for the city of Aarhus in all its creative glory. Through carefully designed activities we engaged the participants in the innovative environments surrounding them and provided them with a nuanced picture of Aarhus with its complex mixture of mundane and beautiful, contemporary and crazy, which are the characteristics of a "small big city" in rapid development.

The activities commenced Monday evening with a challenging and exciting experience-workshop developed in collaboration with the three talented kaospilots Kai Paludan-Müller, Dea Juul Larsen og Frederik Højgaard Larsen. The workshop challenged the students on as many creative and innovative aspects as possible in an effort to gear them for their journey into the city-structures of tomorrow.

Tuesday evening consisted of a carefully curated Urban Walk that provided the participants with a chance to experience Aarhus' myriad of colourful nooks and neighbourhoods.

STAK was furthermore also a part of the DCLivingLab team during day hours and throughout Creativity World Forum Wednesday and Thursday.

The creative journey culminated Friday with a public exhibition of the participants' final projects where all of Aarhus' citizens were invited to see the students' visions for the urban tomorrow.

DCLivingLab was made possible by the joint efforts of Districts of Creativity, VIA University College, Aarhus University, USE Agency, Creativity World Forum and Aarhus 2017.
DCLivingLab 2017 ''The Kickoff''