We officially launched ‪#‎DCLivingLab‬ in Eindhoven!
Our first day in Eindhoven has been very informative, exciting and interesting. We met up with the other students from different educations, educational institutions and four different countries.

Ditte Karla has worked with‪#‎Agrofood‬ and Annika with ‪#‎Mobility‬. Today we give you an insight in Ditte Karlas work with agrofood
After World War 2 Holland optimized the farming industry because of starving. Today they have the the second biggest export of agrofood products in the world
I am working with agrofood together with 14 other students from Germany, Holland and Belgium. After a short energizer we began the real work. A very inspiring lecturer, Roger Engelberts, is an expert in agriculture and talked about how to combine creativity and food through co-creation. He explained how the food funnel system has failed and why cost leadership has to make a u-turn. In short, Rogers thoughts were to change the agro food culture through emotions, storytelling and diversity. This could be a way of breaking the conventional food chain and bypassing some of the many stakeholders in the food funnel system.

The matchbox-experiment.
Roger made a very colorfully example. Imagine the conventional food system as a box of matches. He had a box of matches in his hand. All looked nice from the outside. He opened the box and showed us that on the inside they are all the same. "You just have to lit one match to make a spark. But the one match can light up all the rest". Roger opened the box and lit one match - and suddenly his whole hand was in flames. This experiment very well illustrated his point of how one spark can create a movement. He quickly closed the box and the flames extinguished. But his point of how necessary it is to transform the farmers into entrepreneurial craftsmen stuck with us.

Roger was the catalysator for new knowledge and inspiration. Now it is up to us to come up with a creative idea that can affect the agro food challenge in a positive way. Tomorrow I will be innovative about agrofood from these three perspectives: Agrofood as a community, agrofood as emotions and agrofood as a bottom up projects. I'm so exited!!

//Ditte Karla