Filmbyen, Aarhus
VR ready AR you?
The 20th of April STAK participated in two workshops in Filmbyen: VR ready - AR you? and VR today and tomorrow. More than 150 people from different parts of creative industries and enterprises as well as interested individuals gathered to discuss the future technologies: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. What can we expect from the future?
A broad range of interesting keynote speakers started the day off by discussing VR from their professional point of view - below you can see a list of the speakers. Afterwards all of the participants had the opportunity to try out different VR technologies which provided a really interesting insight into the possibilities of the platform.

MANND was there with their unique experience "Separate Silences" in which two people are situated in a hospital bed - together yet separate. Kanda and Cadpeople who have experience in creating VR for different scenarios attended with some of their work along with many others.

When the motion sickness subsided different questions and considerations arose. This kicked off an interesting debate. How big is this VR thing? Is it a passing craze? Or is it the beginning of a new era in communication and entertaining? If you let Facebook answer that question they would say that we have only seen the top of the iceberg. They lust launched a camera platform that enables developers to use augmented reality directly within the camera which means you can add a virtual layer on top of the real world.

STAK believes that we have yet to see what possibilities really lie in VR and AR… but how big it will be? We have no idea. What do you think? Take a look at the keynote speakers and decide for yourself.
Keynote speakers:


Professor of Film

Editor and producer at DR

Postdoc, School of Communication and Culture - Aarhus University

Managing Director of Virtual Umbrella

Professor of Systems Biology, University of Abertay, Scotland

Hertfordshire University